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Our Experience in Northampton

We have undertaken asbestos removal and demolition projects of all shapes and size in Northampton. These include offices, domestic properties, industrial properties, schools and colleges

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Northampton Demolition & Dismantling Services

We provide a full range of demolition, asbestos removal and supplementary services in Northampton including, but not limited to:

Mechanical Demolition

We operate a comprehensive range of hydraulic excavators fitted with specialist demolition attachments to undertake the fast and efficient demolition of a variety of building types and sizes.

Hand Demolition & Dismantling

Used for small scale projects or where a sympathetic approach is required due to site restrictions. We progressively demolish using hand tools reclaiming materials where possible.

Steel Structures

Steel structures can be systematically deconstructed allowing for re-use on another site.

Soft Strip

We remove specialist equipment, boilers, partitions, walls and ceilings as a standalone project to allow for refurbishment or as part of a full demolition project.

Concrete crushing

Utilizing the materials arising from our demolition work we operate 2 concrete crushers. Recycling, re-using and re-selling crushed material.

Site Clearance

Specialist waste transfer streams in accordance with regulatory requirements mean we are able to remove all types of waste and return sites ready for use and development

Skip Hire & Haulage

Our fleet of Roll On / Roll Off skip Lorries not only service our own demolition and asbestos removal works but also provide a standalone service

Fire Damage / Dangerous Structures

We have specialist experience in the demolition, making safe and clearance of fire damaged and dangerous structures. Careful planning and effective separation of waste streams ensures we are able to minimise the costs to our clients.

Fuel Tank Removal

We have vast experience in the removal of fuel tanks. Our previous work includes the removal of fuel tanks servicing primary schools up to major underground tanks as large as 4357m² (volume) servicing an air base.

24 hour emergency callout

We have been offering this service for many years ensuring peace of mind to our clients and keeping risk to the public an absolute minimum.

Northampton Asbestos Removal and Remediation Services

Jackson Environmental have over 30 years’ experience in the identification, containment and controlled removal of all types of asbestos. We have the experience and ‘in house’ resources to deliver a comprehensive and professional service for our clients every asbestos requirement.

We undertake the full range of asbestos works including:

Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB)

Commonly used as a fireproofing material but it has many other uses such as partition walls, ceiling tiles, soffits, fireproofing panels, lift shaft linings and window panels.

Pipe Insulation / Lagging

Mostly found in/on heating systems such as around boilers or clarifiers and around pipework. This type of asbestos has many different appearances but is mostly a fibrous material which flakes and powders easily. When applied to pipes it is often covered in a protective coating (or painted) which can be any colour, and may make it more difficult to identify.

Sprayed Coating

Most commonly insulation on the underside of roofs and sometimes sides of buildings and warehouse. It was also used as fire protection on steel and reinforced concrete beams/columns and on the underside of floors.

Textured Coating (Artex)

Used to produce decorative finishes on ceilings and walls. Most commonly referred to by the trade name Artex and bonded to either concrete or plasterboard. Textured coating can be removed with the plasterboard allowing for a new ceiling and decoration.

Vinyl Floor Tiles & Bitumen Adhesive

A very common choice for flooring and often found hidden underneath newer carpets/flooring. Vinyl floor tiles can be removed and the bitumen adhesive beneath either encapsulated or removed using specialist plant & equipment.

Asbestos Cement Roof Sheets & Rainwater Products

Asbestos cement is mainly a mixture of chrysotile (white asbestos) and cement, moulded and compressed to produce a range of asbestos cement products. Including corrugated asbestos cement roof and cladding sheets commonly found on industrial or farm buildings and domestic garages.

Asbestos Textiles

(such as gaskets and rope seals)

Asbestos Encapsulation

A safe and cost effective means of preventing further release of harmful fibres. Asbestos encapsulation can be carried out where practical. Impervious sealants can be applied to asbestos containing materials.

Environmental Cleaning

Defined by ARCA as the removal of asbestos contamination consisting of loose, non-adhered dust, or friable debris which can be removed using an H class vacuum, damp rags or tak rags. Environmental cleaning is an often necessary solution to preventing the further release of harmful fibres.

Asbestos Contaminated Soil / Ground

Asbestos contamination is commonly identified in soil / ground as a result of historical poor removal and disposal practices. Jackson Environmental have vast experience in the extraction and treatment of non-hazardous and hazardous contaminated soil / ground. Identifying suitable treatment strategies and ensuring best value for our clients

Asbestos Collection & Disposal

Due to the hazardous nature of asbestos, it must be transported and disposed of in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations. Jackson Environmental operate a licensed waste transfer station and hold a Waste Carriers Licence issued by the EA. Our drivers are trained in ADR Dangerous Goods transportation. We are able to collect and dispose of fly tipped asbestos waste as well as domestic and industrial asbestos waste in very small quantities up to skip loads.

24 hour emergency callout

We have been offering this service for many years ensuring peace of mind to our clients and keeping risk to the public an absolute minimum.

Our Resources

Our highly experienced management team are supported by a cast of accomplished demolition site managers, machine drivers and operatives. Highly trained in all technical and environmental aspects of their roles our staff are committed to delivering a quality service in line with legislation.

C Jackson & Sons own and operate a comprehensive range of specialist demolition equipment including – 360º excavators from 3 to 53 tonnes and up to 30 metres reach, all of which can be fitted with specialist demolition attachments. We also own and operate mobile concrete crushing plants from 20 to 40 tonnes, roll on/off transport with waste facilities, mobile elevating work platforms and mobile site welfare units.

All of our plant, fleet of vehicles and resources are owned in house. This is continuously updated to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry and able to provide our specialist services without delay.

We operate a state of the art workshop and team of mechanics to ensure we are operational on site and exceeding our client’s expectations.


C Jackson & Sons are committed to protecting the environment by promoting the highest standards of environmental management in the performance of its activities

Concrete Crushing

Masonry and concrete arising from demolition operations is recycled by crushing on or off site. The resulting material is then suitable for use in construction as an alternative to new aggregates.
On-site crushing offers a range of benefits, from environmental, to logistical and financial advantages. Crushing on-site reduces pollution by cutting traffic movements to and from the site. It also keeps masonry and concrete material out of the waste stream.


Salvageable building materials from our own demolition works are graded, cleaned and stacked on pallets for resale at our reclamation yard in Thurleigh.

For further details please visit our reclamation page or contact us direct.

Salvageable building materials from our own demolition works are graded, cleaned and stacked on pallets for resale at our reclamation yard in Thurleigh.

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Asbestos Removal & Demolition Soft Strip, The Spires, Sheep Street, Northampton

We provided a comprehensive package as part of a major refurbishment project in the town centre.

Internal strip out of the redundant 6-storey office building. Including removal of internal fittings, radiators, M&E, partitions, doors, ceilings, floor coverings etc.

Removal of plant pipework and tanks from Plant Room

Removal of all asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) identified throughout the building. Our specialist team undertook the safe removal of:

  • AIB panels, packers and ceiling tiles under fully controlled asbestos conditions
  • Asbestos containing debris, putty, flash guards, window sills and asbestos cement flue
  • Asbestos containing textured coating to plasterboard ceilings and concrete ceilings
  • Asbestos containing bitumen adhesive
  • Non asbestos spray coating from basement car park

Asbestos Removal & Demolition Soft Strip, Countess Road, Northampton

Another comprehensive demolition and soft strip package located in a residential neighbourhood with industrial units to the rear.

The Scope

  • Removal of all asbestos containing materials (ACM’s). This included AB wall and ceiling panels, floor tiles & adhesive, asbestos pipe insulation & debris, asbestos insulation to pipework and water tank.
  • Removal of pigeon guano
  • Removal of building finishes and equipment back to clear shell. Including floor coverings, ceiling finishes, wall tiling, stud partitions sanitary ware and M&E services.