Demolition completed to a tight deadline at Radcliffe School, Wolverton

SCOPE:Demolition of school hall and changing rooms to make way for new school building


C Jackson & Sons were awarded the contract to demolish the school hall and changing rooms to make way for a new school building.

The school required that the demolition was completed during the half term week to avoid disruption to neighbouring classrooms and potential traffic management issues

To meet this deadline, we proposed carrying out enabling works in the weeks leading up to the half term.

Jackson Environmental removed a large quantity of asbestos cement shuttering from below floor service ducts and other asbestos items before handing the building to our demolition team.

The hall and changing room were carefully separated from retained buildings on two elevations using hand demolition methods and temporary weather proofing installed.

Starting on the Saturday the structure was demolished using two of our specialist excavators fitted with cutting shear and grapple attachments.

Operating within strict Local Authority working time limits, ground slabs and foundation were broken out and the site completely cleared of all debris by the following Friday lunchtime.

In total approximately 700 tonnes of waste was removed from site using our in house transport.