High Level Water Storage Tank Removal, RAF Croughton, Northamptonshire

SCOPE:Removal of 165,000 gallon high level steel water storage tank, associated pipework, walkways & handrails


RAF Croughton is an operational US Air Force (USAF) Base.

Constructed in the 1960’s and standing 21m high, the redundant tank stored and supplied purified water to the Base.

The tank had suffered considerable corrosion and was deemed beyond economic repair.

The project was the complete removal of the high level water storage tank leaving the supporting steel framework in situ to receive a new GRP tank

We commissioned a lead survey and the paint was found to contain lead.

RAF Croughton Water Tank 1

The close proximity of adjacent structures and the requirement to retain the supporting gantry ruled out removal of the tank using high reach demolition excavator and cold cutting shears

The all welded steel construction prohibited removal by dismantling.

Our proposed a method of removal by flame cutting into pre marked sections and lifting down by mobile crane was accepted by our Client.

Suitable Respirators & PPE were selected and a health surveillance plan for our site team was put in place.

Each team member had a medical to test current blood lead levels and on completion of the works they would be tested again to confirm the effectiveness of our control measures.

The tank was cut into pre marked sections and lifted down in accordance with the lift plan.

On completion of the work, testing confirmed that there was no elevation to any of the team member’s blood lead levels.

IMG_0006 4

All of the scrap metal arising was recycled. No waste was sent to landfill.

The contract was completed in 2 weeks.