Car Park Demolition, Sansom Road, Leytonstone

SCOPE:Demolition of former car park to make way for new housing development


C Jackson & Sons were awarded the contract by Engie to demolish the former car park making way for new housing development.

The substantial 2000m² two storey reinforced concrete structure was located in a residential area of Leytonstone.

IMG_3010 1

Logistically this was a difficult site with restricted vehicular access and a tight working area.

A car garage which is sited on Network Rail’s land abutted the east wall of the structure and close by running north-east is a busy main railway line.

Close liaison with Network Rail was required before our suggested methodology for removal of the carpark was accepted.

Map 2

We installed vibration detectors on the adjacent railways bridge which were monitored throughout the works to confirm the suitability of our control measures.

The garage building abutting the structure was propped in accordance with the temporary works design and we carefully removed the reinforced concrete roof beam overhang at the party wall using a BROKK demolition robot and breaker working from the top of the roof slab.

The remaining structure was demolished using our 40 tonne and 15 tonne excavators fitted with hydraulic concrete pulveriser attachments.

Concrete ground slabs and significant foundations were excavated using the 40 tonne excavator and broken up on the surface to reduce vibration.

The project was completed in 4 weeks.

In total, 1,790 tonnes of concrete and scrap metal were sent for recycling and only 5 tonnes of waste was sent to landfill.