2007: Demolition of Bedford Hospital, North Wing

Demolished Bedford Hospital, North Wing

Site: Bedford Hospital – North Wing

Shires House was the first building constructed on the site in the 1790’s using bricks from the old Bedford Castle.

It was the Bedford House of Industry before becoming the Bedford Union Workhouse after the 1934 Poor Law’s Act

Other wards were added in 1916 and again in the 1930’s. The poor house closed in 1949 and the site became Bedford Hospital North Wing under the NHS

C Jackson & Sons had demolished part of the NHS site in 2003 returning 4 years later to demolish the remaining buildings apart from Shires House to enable regeneration of the site to what is now known as the ‘Bedford Health Village’

We removed a significant amount of asbestos materials from the buildings and having recently joined ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association) the work generated the first of many successful site visits by ARCA to view and audit our work