C. Jackson & Sons Add New Van's to the Fleet 2

C. Jackson & Sons Add New Van's to the Fleet

C. Jackson & Sons Add New Van’s to the Fleet

C. Jackson & Sons continue to invest in our fleet with the arrival of two new van’s.

All off our fleet is owned by the company and maintained in house to ensure we are able to provide a consistent and reliable service for many years to come.

These are the first of our van’s to be decked out in our new C. Jackson & Sons sign writing which we think looks great!

PXL_20220907_143323056.PORTRAIT (1) 1

You’ll see these on our demolition projects throughout Bedford, Cambridge, Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough, St Albans, Stevenage, Watford, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire & North London.

If you have any upcoming projects, please get in touch with us here:

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C. Jackson & Sons Attend to Structural Damage Following Explosion and Fire at Redwood Grove, Bedford 6

C. Jackson & Sons Attend to Structural Damage Following Explosion and Fire at Redwood Grove, Bedford

C. Jackson & Sons Attend to Structural Damage Following Explosion and Fire at Redwood Grove, Bedford

Emergency services were called out to an explosion and fire on Redwood Grove in Bedford at around 9.10am on Monday 4 July.

A three-storey block of flats was significantly damaged in the fire, which also caused a large section of the roof to collapse.

C. Jackson & Sons were approached by Bedfordshire Police to work alongside structural engineers, and forensic investigators.

flat 300 before (3) 3

Initially our work involved making the building safe to facilitate access for the Police & Fire forensic teams, whilst preserving the scene:

  • Loose hanging fire damaged debris was removed from external elevations using MEWP access
  • Temporary propping was installed to specified ground and first floor flats
  • Independent scaffold was erected on the second floor to remove unsafe free standing internal corridor walls
  • The blast damaged external wall was demolished by hand from the outside using MEWP access
  • Walls  were demolished into controlled drop zones
  • The blast caused the 2nd floor beam and block floor to collapse, resulting in the inner leaf of the cavity wall to be unsupported. We carefully removed the beams using our telehandler, and infilled “gaps” with brickwork to support the inner leaf of the cavity wall

Once the building was deemed safe by the structural engineer, Police & Fire forensic teams could continue their detailed examination of the scene.

Using our 5 tonne excavator fitted with bucket and grapple attachment, we assisted the Police & Fire services to methodically  “sift through” debris at the site of the blast.

C. Jackson & Sons worked in close conjunction with the Police Force & Fire Service throughout the two month investigation.

Investing in Robotic Demolition 12

Investing in Robotic Demolition

C. Jackson & Sons Investing in Robotic Demolition

Never ones to stand still at C. Jackson & Sons, we have recently invested in a Brokk 110 demolition robot. A move which will enable us to increase efficiency and enhance safety with minimal impact on our environment.

At less than 800mm wide and 1900mm long it may look a small machine but it wields the same demolition power as a 5 tonne excavator (five times its size!).

IMG_6393 7

Compact Size

The Brokk 110 folds up into an incredibly small package which belies its power. It can fit through doors, onto elevators and can climb stairs. Weighing less than 1000kg’s it is also the perfect machine on weaker floor loads. Despite this, it has an incredible 3.5 metre reach including tool.

All this means it can reach the places where traditional demolition methods have struggled and will take on the tasks efficiently and safely.

Safe & Efficient

The Brokk 110 is controlled remotely by one of our operators enabling them to manoeuvre the machine efficiently with a better, safer view of the work. The remote control keeps the operator clear of exposed areas and eliminates the risk of harmful vibrations.

The move to demolition robotics really is a sign of the advancing times. Not only does it create a much safer working environment by removing the operator from the ‘front line’ it also provides a solution to existing environmental problems. The Brokk is electro-hydraulically powered which means it can operate internally in confined spaces with zero emissions of harmful fumes. Noise and vibrations are also vastly reduced ensuring the impact on our environment really is kept to a minimum.

We wasted no time in getting it to work. The Brokk was delivered straight to site on a prestigious demolition contract in Central Cambridge. More of which I’m sure will feature on our case studies page in the near future.

If you would like to discuss any upcoming projects you may have please get in touch on our contact us page.

Introducing Our New Lorry 17

Introducing Our New Lorry

Introducing Our New Lorry

As part of C Jackson & Sons continual investment into the company we are pleased to have taken delivery of our new lorry.

The SCANIA P410 XT, pictured here in our new sign writing, is a market leader renowned for its incredible performance, durability and reliability. Attributes highly valued at C Jackson & Sons.

IMG_5405 13

The new lorry will be driven by Barry, forcing his previous Scania into a well deserved retirement having served him and the company so reliably since 2008 and clocking almost 290,000 miles.

Whilst our fleet of Roll On / Roll Off skip Lorries mainly service our own demolition and asbestos removal works we also provide a standalone service. We are able to supply 20, 30 & 40 cubic yard Roll On / Roll Off skips including haulage & waste disposal. We operate our lorries throughout Bedford, Cambridge, Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough, St Albans, Stevenage, Watford, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire & North London.

Working Safely During Covid-19 18

Working Safely During Covid-19

C. Jackson & Sons continue to support our clients, present and new, throughout the Covid-19 epidemic.

Whilst the Covid-19 epidemic does pose us new challenges, we are keenly following guidance issued by the Government, The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and industry bodies to ensure we are able to provide safest working practices.

Our detailed Covid-19 procedures and risk assessments take into account:

  • Travel to work
  • Site Access and Egress Points
  • Handwashing
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Canteens, Kitchens & Rest Areas
  • Use of Changing facilities, shorts and drying rooms
  • Work planning to avoid close working
  • Situations Social Distancing cannot be applied
  • Cleaning

We have invested heavily in training, awareness and resources to ensure our work has minimal impact on the people and environments in which we work.

You can continue to contact us using all of the regular channels.