2004: Demolition of W H Allen Engineering, Bedford

Site: W H Allen, Bedford

In 1890 W H Allen brought twenty acres of land west of Bedford town centre to establish his ‘Queens Engineering Works’ and housing for his employees.

Opened in 1894 the factory employed in excess of 1,000 people making pumps, turbines, electric motors and locomotive & maritime diesel engines before its final closure in 2003.

C Jackson & Sons had demolished part of the site in 1988 to make way for a new housing project and completed demolition of the remaining factory for Barratt Homes in 2004.

This was a major demolition project of a heavy engineering works which included removal of some 400 tonnes of asbestos materials, recovery of 4,500 tonnes of ferrous & nom-ferrous metals and on site recycling of 23,000 tonnes of masonry & concrete.